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Branded Diamonds

Over the last two decades, while the consumer has become more knowledgeable about diamond quality, the marketplace has also been flooded with lower quality and poorly cut generic diamonds. A significant factor has been the very nature of the gem and the generally accepted misconception that “a diamond is a diamond.”

Fortunately, recent developments in laser technology have enabled jewellers to inscribe a ‘signature’ on a diamond, allowing a fine quality diamond to represent the image of a luxury jeweller. At the Diamond Gallery™, we have become a Canadian pioneer in branding our luxury diamonds in our brand name designs. Significant benefits to our clients include:

  • Each diamond has a unique serial number for its owner to verify the quality analysis
  • Our clients can verify that the loose diamond they choose is the actual diamond to be set in their new jewellery
  • If repairs on the ring are needed in the future, our clients will always know how to identify that their diamond will be returned to them

This technology is a monumental step forward in integrity, ethics and disclosure, and the Diamond Gallery™ is at the cutting edge of this evolution.


Branded Diamonds

Certified Diamond Gallery trademark and serial number on a diamond, your assurance of the diamond's integrity.