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Diamond Four Cs

Diamonds and gemstones are among the world’s greatest treasures. By understanding the secrets of the Four C’s the way a gem dealer does, you will acquire the confidence to buy premium quality, at a great value. As an educated consumer, there is a very simple and non technical opportunity for you to choose a diamond that you can be pleased with.


Diamond Four Cs



At the jewellery counter, look up. Store lighting plays a huge role in presentation. Be wary of low voltage (miniature) and intense white light used in many stores (some lighting will artificially tint the diamonds blue). They artificially improve the cut and colour of diamonds. Ask the jeweller to let you move back about 6 feet away from the showcase, holding the diamond. A finely cut gem will still show its fire, and  ‘dance’ on its own as you rotate it. A fair, below average or poor cut will loose its beauty and look somewhat murky.

Room Colour

Suspicious jewellers can easily camouflage low colour & low cut diamonds by using yellow, brown, or generally dull walls, flooring or ceilings, as well as with intense overhead lighting. This technique can make a K colour diamond look like a G. Buyer beware.


Consider the stores’ environment, staff, presentation and packaging. You are acquiring some of the rarest treasures in the world. Does the stores’ ambience reflect the significance of your purchase? When the jewellery needs after-sale service, would you be proud to have the recipient return to the store?


Most diamonds now come with a gemmology appraisal report stating the quality analysis. While the gemmology report is a good service, the analysis is usually only an opinion of its quality. Gemmologists are not regulated to ensure accuracy in their analysis. As a result, approximately 60-75% of quality gradings are bumped 1-3 grades to make the sale.

Be sure to ask for the jeweller’s professional credentials, as this vital information will indicate their expertise. There is no governance in Canada that states one needs to have any formal training or accreditations to work in or own a jewellery store. Properly trained professionals in the jewellery industry do this all voluntarily. Well trained professionals have their diplomas available to view – expect it from your jeweller!