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Responsibly Sourced Diamonds

Doing out part to protect human rights is central to the Diamond Gallery philosophy. In 2001 we became one of the nation’s first diamond dealers to adopt the standards of the Kimberly Process. This process is a joint initiative by the international diamond industry, National Governments, and Non Governmental Organizations requiring diamonds to be tracked from mine to consumer. Each rough diamond receives a government label and seal thereby ensuring a chain of custody and accountability. In keeping with our philosophy, we have an agreement with our diamond cutters that all diamond rough is to be sourced from conflict free areas of the world.

All diamonds 0.40ct and larger are individually identified with a Diamond Gallery branded trademark with its own serial number. This laser inscription appears on the girdle of the diamond and can only be seen under magnification. All of our Canadian diamonds also include a maple leaf inscription.

A certified jewellery appraisal accompanies any purchase over $1,000 from the Diamond Gallery. This detailed four page document is prepared for our clients on our premises, and is free of charge with their purchase. Included in this personalized report is our assurance that every diamond supplied in the design is responsibly sourced.


Conflict Free Diamonds