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Wholesale Diamonds

Question: What is a wholesale diamond purchase?

Answer: If you are able to walk in, phone or email someone and get information on buying a diamond – that is not wholesale. We live in a time where diamond dealers online, in a private office, out of their home or store claim to be wholesalers to the public, and that they cut out the ‘middle man’. Even if a friend of a friend claims to give you a great “deal”… we dare you to compare their diamond prices to ours at the Diamond Gallery. 

Diamond Gallery regularly outperforms “diamond wholesalers” since 1992 in brilliance and price.

Insider Tip: The first and most important question to ask a jeweller is “Do you buy used jewellery?” Think about this: if a jeweller purchases used jewellery, how can you be assured you aren’t buying a diamond from someone’s old engagement ring or a break-in? Estate jewellery has its place in the market, but should be disclosed as being a used or as an estate piece, and should not sold under the impression of being a newly made piece of jewellery or newly cut diamond.

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Lisa Malbranck, Co-Owner and GIA trained Graduate Gemmologist

Lisa Malbranck, Co-Owner and GIA trained Graduate Gemmologist

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