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How to Buy a Diamond


Lisa & Allan Malbranck


We at the Diamond Gallery are proud to have the expertise, combined 75 years of jewellery design and diamond experience. Trained from the world’s leading educator in gems; the Gemological Institute of America – GIA, we have the credentials to back up what we have to say. There is a significant difference between a jeweller who has trained and graduated from GIA and a jeweller who only provides diamonds with GIA certification papers. The average person can navigate gemmological papers, but a trained GIA trained gemologist has the credentials properly explain the intricacies of each individual diamond with you in person. Working with an expert live and in person is crucial, as computer monitors don't properly show all the details of a gemstone. Diamonds in particular need to be viewed live and in person to get the full sense of their quality. 

Diamond Gallery designs are recognized as some of the finest quality craftsmanship in Canada. In an industry where most jewellery is now manufactured overseas, Canadian crafted designs are the main focus in our studio.

Specializing in platinum and exclusive non-toxic premium alloyed white and yellow gold, we are able to offer our clients a wide variety of unique designs that are not available in other stores. If a client has a specific style in mind that is not found in our collection, we will provide custom design services and work within that individual’s budget - all tailored made in the style, size, quality and price point of your choice.

Each precious gemstone selected by the Diamond Gallery is carefully reviewed at our in-house gemmology lab by an Accredited Appraiser. In addition, independent gem lab reports accompany most diamonds found in our inventory. There are many other grading organizations in the marketplace who do not share this same respect for integrity. When a jeweller uses a non-accredited grading system, the exact same diamond can be graded incorrectly. This incorrect grading often results in individuals paying the same price (or more) for a diamond, but receiving an inferior gem. At the Diamond Gallery, ultimate acceptance of a diamond is determined by the skilled eye of the Accredited Gemologist. While the 5 C’s are useful parameters for measuring quality, it is a complex combination of these characteristics to determine if a stone meets the Diamond Gallery standard of excellence. Once a diamond meets the standard our rigorous tests, we certify each diamond with our trademark and a serial number as our seal of integrity.

Here at the Diamond Gallery, our diamonds are set at a fair and globally competitive price every day, with no special negotiation required. Our clients appreciate transparency and fair value in their diamond purchase, which is why our client often tell us we have Winnipeg Best Diamond Prices.