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Diamond Guide

Buying a diamond for an engagement ring is one of the most exciting and emotional purchases you will ever make. This ring will be worn for decades, and passed along to future generations to enjoy. When shopping for a jeweller here are a few important questions we suggest one keeps in mind:

– What are the credentials of the salesperson who are speaking with in person? Are they a GIA trained Gemmologist, and an actual jewellery designer who can show a live portfolio you can touch and feel? Are you even speaking with a living human being you can pose detailed questions to while examining the details of a design or the particular inclusion in a diamond when it catches the certain sunlight? 

– What after sales service is offered on the jewellery? Note working with a local storefront jeweller permits you to visit them with any questions, concerns and after sales cleaning. You are purchasing a ring that will be worn for decades, be sure you are able to easily work with your jeweller in person. This is something large online companies aren't able to provide. What is that after sales service and peace of mind worth to you? 

– Where is the jewellery made? The majority of items we purchase are mass produced and made overseas - engagement rings are no different. The majority of what is sold online and in the general marketplace is made by machine and by the masses. Ask your jeweller where the ring is made, with the hopes it is a ring where the entire ring is crafted and set in Canada.

– Is the store accredited? (search for Accredited Appraisers here) Did you know that there aren't many Accredited Appraisers in Canada, and only a handful in Western Canada? Did you know that there is no governance in Canada that states one needs to have any formal training or qualifications to work or own a jewellery store? Working with a trained professional is paramount when making the purchase of your engagement ring.