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Canadian Diamonds

The Diamond Gallery’s Anita & Allan Malbranck are among the first diamond dealers in the world to be invited into the ultra secure, world class EKATI™ mining, sorting and cutting facilities in Arctic Canada in 2002. This exclusive opportunity to acquire comprehensive knowledge of Canada’s position in the global diamond industry confirms our leadership role as a diamond dealer.

In 2003, BHP Billiton introduced Canada’s first consistently and perfectly cut hearts and arrows diamonds, the Aurias(TM) diamond. Twelve luxury Canadian diamond dealers, including the Diamond Gallery of Winnipeg, were selected to be the exclusive source of the Aurias diamonds. These were fine jewellers who could convey the rare beauty of the gems to their discerning clients, and create exquisite 18 karat and platinum designs to further enhance the world’s most beautiful gem. These were truly world class treasures.

Unfortunately, over time, increased demand from mass merchandisers and mall outlets resulted in more generic, lower quality, Canadian mined diamonds being shipped to India and China for medium quality cutting. The brand name of these diamonds was no longer a priority, as they were no longer recognizable to the buyer. Eventually, the Aurias brand diamonds were discontinued altogether, the direct result of public and government disinterest in the burgeoning diamond cutting centre in Yellowknife.

At the Diamond Gallery, we continue to source high quality Canadian diamonds. It is important to us to do so to maintain our quality standards. We have become a rare Canadian jeweller to put our trade mark on both the Canadian mined diamond and on our Canadian crafted designs.


Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct


Ekati Diamond Factory

Anita & Allan Malbranck at the Ekati Diamond factory, NWT, Canada
Ekati Diamond Inspection
Allan inspecting a 5,000 carat parcel of Ekati diamonds. Your assurance of authenticity, where other diamonds are simply generic.